A1.Club has offices in the UK and Germany. 


A1 Club: The goal is to have an A1 business card in the hands of every business owner, enabling them to connect easily with people.
A1 Business: The goal is to have all major businesses reaching their customers via the A1 card.


A1 works for every business owner, no matter what industry; restaurants and cafes, hair dressers, gyms, spas, pubs and bars, clubs. This list is literally endless. If it's a business with consumers, then it can utilise A1 effectively. 


Usecase: The most obvious is the business card, but theres so much more to A1 than that. With A1 business, the actions that can be attached to the NFC/QR code technology coupled with the products A1 provide, give a vast array of usecases for every business. Wristbands can be created for festivals and events. Posters can be placed in gyms offering membership discounts. . Loyalty cards can be created for shops. Books can be scanned for the link to the ebook. Beer mats can give happy hour offers. Clothes tags can give discount codes. 


Whatever you want to provide your customers with, A1 can help make it happen. 

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