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A1 Classic Card - Beige
A1 Classic Card - Beige
A1 Classic Card - Beige

A1 Classic Card - Beige

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Video Explainer


Setting up your A1 Card at home couldn’t be easier.
You can get started using your card within minutes of it arriving in the post.
Watch the video to see how simple it really is!

Phone Compatibility


A1 Cards have been designed to include a QR code as well as an NFC chip, so everyone can gain access to the A1 links! 


All recent Apple and Android phones come with NFC capabilities, some are just slightly more user friendly than others. All Android phones since 2013 have come with native NFC support. The Iphone X and above can read NFC without the use of an additional app, all other iPhone models have NFC capabilities but do require an app to unlock them.

Action List



The actions can be used to open up different applications on a users phone, for many different use cases. Share your contact information and specific business details; Contact Card Action, Linkedin Action, Trip Advisor Action. Open up a line of communication with pre-filled out messages; Whatsapp Action, SMS Action, Email Action, Call Action. Send people directly to a specific website or landing page to grow traffic or push people towards a clear CTA; URL Action. Add event details to a calendar; Event Action. Promote and grow your social media; Instagram Action, Snapchat Action, Youtube Action. Pinterest Action.


The A1 Cards are made of durable plastic that will stand up to the test of constant use without any wear or tear. All A1 Cards are made of the same material, no matter what colour you choose, or even if you go with your own logo design.
A1 guarantees quality.


When you purchase A1, you also get FREE access to the A1 Software for life.
Choose from a wide range of A1 Actions and use them to alter the use of your A1 Card whenever you require. For no additional cost.

On the go

A1 comes with a unique mobile application, that allows you to change the action of your A1 card on the go!
There’s no need to be at your computer, change the function of your card at a moments notice!
You never know what life is going to throw at you.

Happy Customers

Join the A1 family. There are hundreds of happy A1 customers across the world, that have used the power of A1 to transform and grow their business.
You can join them today!