Why A1.club is better than the ManyChat QR Code.

by rupert samuel on August 16, 2019

I’m sure you’ve seen the new Manychat QR Code feature, if not - go check it out and then come back here! 

I was really excited when I saw it, as loads of other manychat users and experts were. It’s exactly what they need to provide and people have been asking for this for a while, me included. 

Which is why it’s even more disappointing that they haven’t delivered! 

The design flaws on the Manychat QR code make it completely unusable for 50% of its users. 

I know what you’re thinking; ‘But Rupert, it’s Manychat, surely they’ve got this covered!’.Well sadly not. I want to make it clear, I’m a huge fan of Manychat - this just feels like it was rushed, underdeveloped and not fully tested. 

Let me explain why;

1 TheQR code cant be styled
We’ll start simple. While this isn’t the biggest issue with QR codes, I know, it’s still a sign that they haven’t put 100% into this feature. There’s no ability to style the QR code at all; there are no colours, it’s blocky, and this means it gives really minimal design opportunities. Again not the worst thing in the world, but definitely doesn’t make life easier.

2 There's No Payload 
There is no editable payload. When a consumer scans the QR code, the lack of a payload means you can’t identify users that have gone through. As a business owner, or a marketer, you can’t track anything and you can’t send any additional information.


3 It Doesn’t work for Android users
The major sticking point, however, is that 100% of android users can’t use the QR code. It just will not work for them. (First with android, you have to download an app to scan the code - but that's just a personal issue I have, that we’ll leave for another time). 

When you scan the code on an android phone, it takes you to a m.me link to click. Doesn’t sound like a problem on the face of it, but it really is. Android and Chrome do not accept messenger links, you click it on android and it takes you to a blank screen with no way around it. And, even worse, because of the lack of payload you can’t change the link. For 100% of Android users, the Manychat QR code is completely useless. 

For A1 we took weeks to develop a system rule that would work around this. When you scan a A1 QR code, m.me links take you instead to a pre-loaded screen with a messenger get started button. Click that, and it takes you to messenger 


All of these aren’t difficult to fix, and I’m sure within a week or so Manychat can get it sorted. But it’s disappointing that they didn’t wait until it was fully tested and ready before releasing it, as all it’s going to do is push people away. 

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