The A1 Card; What Is It?

by Faye Pooley on August 20, 2019

Put plain and simple, the A1 Card is the future of business cards and marketing! 

The cards are encoded with NFC technology, which enables the card to trigger a wide range of actions when tapped against a smartphone. (Using a phone with no NFC capabilities, no problem - simply scan the QR code on the back to trigger the same action).  

No more messing around with paper business cards. They only get lost and forgotten, while being a pain to carry around anyway! Now you can put all the necessary information on one card, and instantly transfer it to the place they spend most of their time - their phone. 

A1 comes with an impressive list of actions, enabling you to share whatever information you want to. Don’t limit yourself to sharing your contact details (although that is important). What about sending them straight to your website, or entering your business location into maps. Maybe you want to put an event you’re promoting into their calendar, or even start a phone call. 

When you purchase your A1 Card, it comes with 4 actions. These can be any 4 from the many actions we supply, but what’s important about them is that they can be used to create  a chain of actions for a person to follow once they have scanned your code. The possibilities with A1 Card are literally endless! 

The A1 Card comes in two forms. ‘The Classic’ made out of durable plastic, and our higher-end card ‘The Metal’, beautifully made in brushed metal. Both cards come in a wide range of colours and designs, so you can show off your personal brand and make that all important perfect first impression. 

Why not have a look through our cards, and order yours today!

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