NFC: What Is It?

by Faye Pooley on August 23, 2019

What makes A1 business cards so unique, is that they are integrated with NFC technology. But what exactly is NFC, and how is it going to revolutionise your business? 

We’ve put together a simple guide to NFC, that should answer all your questions. 

So what is NFC?
Put very simply, NFC (or Near field communication) was invented to allow contactless data transfer between two devices - one usually being a phone. 

How does NFC work?
NFC requires 2 NFC enabled devices; one to transmit and one to receive. An example use case could be an A1 business card with NFC technology which could transmit contact details into a smart phone. Unlike bluetooth, which requires device pairing, all you have to do to make NFC work on a smart phone is tap it against the transmitting NFC tag. 

How do I start using NFC?
First, you need to work out if your phone is NFC compatible. Check out our list of Apple and Android phones that are NFC compatible. If your phone isn’t on the list, don’t worry. A1 cards come with QR codes that when scanned, complete the same action on the phone as they would with NFC. Once you know what your phone can do, read our blog to find out how to tap and scan for both Apple and Android. 

What can I use NFC for?
NFC has three main uses that most people will recognise; card emulation - where your phone acts as a credit card to make payments, NFC read/write functionality - where NFC-enabled devices can interact with non-powered NFC enabled objects, and Peer-to-Peer (P2P) - where you can file share between two powered NFC-enabled devices. 

However, with A1 there are lots of ways you can use NFC technology. A1 comes with an impressive list of actions that you can utilities; share contact details, launch an app, send people to a website, put a location into maps, initiate a phone call, put an event into their calendar, and much more. The possibilities with A1 and NFC are endless. 

With so many opportunities with NFC technology, it’s no wonder that it’s becoming a marketers secret weapon. Except, with the results it’s creating, it won’t stay secret for long. 

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