NEW A1 Actions: Everything You Need to Know.

by Faye Pooley on October 28, 2019

We’re always pushing to improve A1, and after listening to what you wanted, we’ve added even more new actions that you can use with A1.

This means more use cases, more clients, and more revenue!

Here is a quick explanation of all the new actions, and everything you will need to get started with them. Make sure you check out our other blog on the original actions too. 

SMS Action:
The SMS action is an upgrade of one of A1’s original actions; whatsapp. Instead of the action opening the message of your choice directly to Whatsapp, it opens the message through SMS. The action is perfect for immediately opening up a line of communication with a potential client or customer. Plus you can directly pass on your contact details, any key information in the message, and use it to follow up and contact that person directly.

When setting up your SMS action all you’ll need to fill out is your mobile number (make sure you put in the correct area code for it to work), and the text message that you will want to send to your potential clients.

Email Action:
The Email action again works similarly to the SMS and Whatsapp actions, however this time it will open up a pre-written message (including subject line) in their email app. All the person will now have to do is click send! Again, this is perfect for opening up direct lines of communication, passing on contact details and key information, and enabling an easy way to follow up with potential clients.

When setting up your Email action all you need to fill out is the email address it is being sent from (this can be a personal or business email), the body of the message itself and the subject line. These can of course be changed and updated at any time.

Linked In Action:
The Linked In action is one that many of you were asking for. The A1 Card is perfect for networking, and while passing over emails and phone numbers is part of that, a lot of people want to be able to send people straight to their linked in profile. Just another great example of how you can use A1 to immediately send people to the part of your online presence that you want them to see.

When setting up your Linked In action all you need to fill out is the link to your profile. It really is just that easy!

Trip Advisor Action:
The Trip Advisor action is perfect for businesses in the hospitality industry, where they can rely on the power of positive reviews on Trip Advisor. Many places get their staff to ask customers to leave a review, or even incentivise them with coupons after the review has been left. With A, however, staff just have to use their A1 card to send a customer's phone straight to the Trip Advisor page. Meaning people are far more likely to leave that all important good review, than if they have to wait till they get home.

When setting up your Trip Advisor action all you need to fill out is the link to the business page on Trip Advisor. Again, it’s just that simple!

Instagram Action:
The Instagram action will allow you to quickly and easily grow your social media following. The Instagram action will immediately open up the app, on your personal or business page, on a potential clients or customers phone. They can then follow you straight away, without the hassle of searching for your handle, enabling them to keep up to date with your brand.

When setting up your Instagram action all you need to fill out is your personal or business Instagram handle. We really do like to keep it as simple as possible for you.

Snapchat Action:
The Snapchat action allows you to connect with you customers on the biggest, and fastest growing social media platform. Open up snapchat, directly to your business handle, so your potential customers can engage with your brand straight away. 

When setting up your Snapchat action all you need to fill out is your personal or business Snapchat handle. I won’t say again how easy it is…

YouTube Action:
The YouTube action enables you to send potential clients and customers directly to that important video that really shows off your brand, services, or best selling product, in the best light. Open up the app directly on their phone, and go straight to your video. No searching on their end required. 

When setting up your Snapchat action all you need to fill out is the link to the video. You get the idea by now!

Pinterest Action:
Finally, the Pinterest action. We think this one works best as a digital link, rather than on a physical product or card, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be used on both. Send your audience straight to your pinterest page, or a particular board or even a single pin, directly from your website. 

When setting up your Pinterest action all you need to fill out is the link to page, board, or pin you want to send people. We’re all about frictionless usage with A1! 
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