How Target Could Use A1 to Improve Their Loyalty System

by Faye Pooley on August 22, 2019

If you live in the US, chances are that if you don’t own one yourself, you know someone with a Target loyalty card - or is a member of Target Circle, the name for the loyalty programme. 

Target are a big business, so it’s no surprise that their loyalty system is pretty good, and provides Target shoppers with incentive to return. The perks include 1% back on purchases to be redeemed on your next trip, free next day delivery and access to offers. 

However, there’s a lot they could be doing to make this system more streamlined, and give their customers an overall better experience. In short, there’s a lot Target could learn from A1. 

If we take Target as a use case, this is how A1 could be implemented into their loyalty system. 

Target themselves say that their system gives them information about their customers shopping habits, which they then use to inform business decisions, and offer members discounts that are relevant to them.

These ‘unique’ discounts are sent to customers via email, which they then need to opt in to if they wish to redeem it. If it sounds pretty standard, that’s because it is. On the surface this system raises customer footfall, but it doesn’t. However, the process is lengthy and few people are really going to bother with it regularly. People are busy, they simply don’t have time for this. 

With A1, this issue is completely removed. Through A1 Business, new offers are automatically sent to customers through messenger bots and push notifications. A loyalty member will see on their phone lock screen that 3 new offers are available. All they have to do is click, on messenger, the one they want to utilise. The card will automatically update to their chosen action. It takes consumers literally a matter of seconds! 

This simple change with A1 creates the same outcome, but completely revolutionises the customers online experience. Using A1 for loyalty systems in this way will lead to an increase in footfall, customer loyalty and revenue. 

What Target are doing isn’t wrong - it’s just outdated which in turn makes it ineffective as a campaign. There’s no reason to not use the technology available. There’s no reason to not use A1.

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