How Carrefour Could Use A1 to Improve Their Loyalty System

by Faye Pooley on August 22, 2019

If you live in Europe, chances are that if you don’t own one yourself, you know someone with a Carrefour loyalty card - or are a member of ‘The Club’ as it’s known. 

Carrefour are a big business, so it’s no surprise that their loyalty system is pretty good. In fact, it's one of the most up to date systems around. Just check out our discussion of Target and Marks & Spencer loyalty systems for a comparison. 

Carrefour are so ahead of the game, they’re one of the first businesses to get rid of paper and plastic cards all together - instead all of their coupons are displayed in their app. Customers just need to make sure they activate them before they get to the till. The app also shows the number of bonus points the customer has, as well as keeps track of their favourite items. 

It’s a good system. Modern, streamlined, gives a good digital experience for the customer and increases footfall. However, there’s still one place where Carrefour could learn from A1. 

If we take Carrefour as a use case, this is how A1 could be implemented into their loyalty system - messenger notifications. 

For customers to get the discounts they have to actively check the app. People are busy, they simply don’t have time to do this often. So, they will inevitably only check the app for discounts when they’re going to carrefour, in most cases probably just as they get to the till. If people aren’t using it before they get to the store, it isn’t working as an incentive campaign to raise footfall. 

Through A1 Business, new offers are automatically sent to customers through messenger notifications. A loyalty member will see on their phone lock screen that 3 new offers are available. All they have to do is click, the one they want to utilise. The card will automatically update to their chosen action. It takes consumers literally a matter of seconds! 

It’s the same process, but with the simple addition of messenger notifications with A1 it now works as an incentive to get people into store, before they’ve chosen to go there. Using A1 for loyalty systems in this way will lead to an increase in footfall, customer loyalty and revenue. 

What Carrefour are doing isn’t wrong, in fact it’s almost close to perfect. But it’s still not as an effective campaign as it could be. There’s no reason to not use the technology available. There’s no reason to not use A1.

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