A1 Club: Best of 2019

by Faye Pooley on January 08, 2020

We’re only 1 week into 2020, and A1.Club is already having it’s biggest year yet! We can’t wait to share with you all the exciting new updates we have planned for the new year. But before 2020 gets underway, and to make sure you’re ready for the next stage of A1, here are our 4 most popular blogs from 2019, with a few crucial updates.

4 - 3 Top Examples of NFC Campaigns 

I’m sure you’ve heard us say it a million times now, ‘NFC is taking over!’, but it really is! From BMW using NFC for keyless entry, to Costa Coffee using NFC to create travel mugs that you can pay with - NFC definitely isn’t going anywhere in 2020. At A1, we love to share NFC use cases to inspire and motivate you, and this blog details 3 of the most creative and successful NFC campaigns. 

3 - Introducing Core NFC with Apple

Some of the biggest NFC news of 2019 came from Apple, when their iOS 13 update came with ‘Core NFC’. This was (and still is) a big deal, as Apple had never really given much thought to NFC in the past - especially compared to some of their competitors like Samsung. By making NFC native on their newer phone models, it proved that Apple also believe that NFC will be everywhere, and that they don’t want to be left behind. 

You can also check out our updated version of NFC/iPhone Compatibility here. 

2 - A1 Business: New Updates

During 2019 A1.Club developed into A1 Business, software specifically designed for the use of marketing agencies and businesses. Towards the end of the year A1 Business went through some huge updates and changes, to make it even more user friendly and effective. It’s no wonder that the blog explaining these updates was so popular, people couldn’t wait to see how they could be even more successful with A1. 

1 - New A1 Actions: Everything You Need To Know

It should be no surprise that out most popular blog of the year, was a round up of the exciting new Actions that were added to A1. Our developers listened to your requests and use cases, and created a whole host of actions that everyone was excited about. From Instagram and Snapchat, to Linked in and Tripadvisor; this blog really shows how far A1 has come since it’s humble beginnings of sharing your contact details. 

Make sure you keep an eye out for everything that’s still to come from A1 in 2020! We can’t wait.

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