A1 Business; What Is It?

by Faye Pooley on August 20, 2019

At first, A1 Business can appear to be complicated, but we promise that’s only because the list of what you can achieve with A1 Business is literally endless. Once you understand the simple basics, the rest will follow. 

There are two sides to A1; the digital and the physical. Both can be used separately or together with your business.

Both of these sides can be adapted to you and your clients business. Whether you want to increase revenue, or customer loyalty, A1 Business can help you achieve it. 

A1 Business: The digital
The digital side to A1 comes in the form of an impressive list of 500 actions, for you to utilise from just $99 a year. From URL’s, contact details, locations and now even chat bots! A1 can be programmed to deliver any information you need. 

How you use these digital actions depends on your business. You could have a button on your site that takes your details and saves them directly into your customers phones, or your physical A1 card could take a customer directly to a landing page, which would contain buttons to all your other actions. 

However you may be thinking of using A1 with our huge list of actions you can guarantee it’s possible.

A1 Business: The Physical.
The physical side of A1 is exactly how it sounds - physical products that can be encoded with wireless NFC technology and QR codes to complete an action when scanned by a customer.

Maybe its an event poster than takes the customer straight to the event page when scanned, or a beer mat that gives a customer 241 on their next pint. 

The possibilities with this are literally endless, if it can be encoded, you can use it. Check out our shop for some ideas!


All of this can be achieved through it’s natural Manychat API integration. A1 is literally the first product of its kind to connect with Manychat. Through the use of chatbots, each unique item can now be controlled and altered by each unique user. 

Why not contact us to have a chat about how A1 Business can help your clients.

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