A1 Business: New Updates

by Faye Pooley on October 28, 2019

At A1 we pride ourselves on continually updating all aspects of A1.club, in order to bring you the most user friendly software, that will also bring your agency the most revenue! 

Our development team have been busy recently creating loads of exciting updates, to all aspects of A1, and A1 Business is no exception. 

Before we get onto the new changes however, make sure you check out our other update blogs. You can read all about the new A1 Actions here, and everything you can now do with A1 Bulk Actions here

There have been 2 main updates to A1 Business, both of which have been created to make A1 Business better for agencies! 

Number 1. You can now add multiple people to a single A1 account. This enables you to have numerous people working from, and managing, one account. In turn giving greater fluidity to how you utilise A1 with your clients. You can still have one person as the lead on the account, so you don’t have to worry about anyone making any major changes. You can also add and delete people as often as you need to, A1 is all about ease of use after all. 

Number 2. When you purchase and A1 Business account, you now also gain access to a wealth of A1 media. This contains videos, and other media, that has been designed in order to help you sell A1 to your clients. We understand that not everyone will fully understand NFC capabilities, or the impact it could have on their marketing campaign and business as a whole. These videos are there to help you explain, with ease, exactly why they should be using A1. The media pack also contains templates for QR code posters, table talkers and many more, saving you time and money. The best part; you have continual access to everything and can download as many times as you require.

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