3 Top Examples of QR Code Campaigns

by Faye Pooley on October 09, 2019

Alongside NFC campaigns, marketers have started using QR codes in their campaigns with huge success. Data shows that the number of QR codes scanned in a US household in 2018 were around 9.8 million - and this number is only set to continue rising. 

QR codes can be used in just about any from, to share extra information with the customer in just about any from. You may be looking to get them to complete a specific call to action, opt your customers into a loyalty/discount scheme or just simply increase traffic to your website - whatever the goal QR codes are a great way to provide your customers with a more interactive experience. 

If you’re thinking of creating your own QR code campaign (with NFC technology), check out our store for our list of all of the actions you can achieve through A1 and QR/NFC. 

We’ve put together our top 3 QR code marketing campaigns that worked, to give you some inspiration. 

1 Heinz - QR Codes on Product Packaging
Now-a-days, the concept of product packaging is not just about a box labeled with a brand name. Packaging is expected to be interactive and engaging for your audience; giving access to special offers, directing users to the product website, or showing more specific information about the product. Earlier this year Heinz introduced environmentally friendly packaging, and placed QR codes on said packaging that when scanned gave people more information and led them to an online green trivia quiz.

2 Ralph Lauren - QR Codes on Offline Ads
It’s not just big retailers that are jumping on the trend, even luxury retail brands are starting to realise the power and potential of QR code advertising. In their last few marketing campaigns, Ralph Lauren have implemented QR codes in their offline ads. Think posters on display in high end retail stores, and paper adverts in Vogue. When scanned they give more information on the design house ranging from upcoming product to behind the scenes on editorial shoots. 

3 Walmart - QR Codes for Cashless Payments
The American retail giants Walmart and Target were some of the first to implement QR codes into their systems. Rather than advertising however, they use theirs for facilitating quick cashless payment systems. These systems have actively helped to attract a younger audience to Walmart, who a) expect convenience, and b) don’t tend to carry cash around with them. It just goes to show that QR codes can be used for almost anything.
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