3 Top Examples of NFC Campaigns

by Faye Pooley on August 23, 2019

NFC campaigns are changing the face of marketing. They are like any other campaign, except the regular ad display has NFC technology embedded in them. 

The purpose is to provide a more interactive experience, and deliver extra information to the customer or send them on to a different call to action - all with just the tap of a phone. When done correctly, they are proven to not only build brand loyalty, but also bring in new customers. 

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We’ve put together our top 3 NFC marketing campaigns that worked, to give you some inspiration. 

1 Samsung - Interactive NFC Posters
Samsung used ‘Share to Go’ NFC embedded posters, with the aim to increase product awareness about their phones having NFC technology. This was at a time where Apple were not including NFC with the iPhone. The campaign led to increased brand value, awareness of features like Samsung Pay, and customer loyalty. 

2 KFC - NFC directions to the nearest restaurant
KFC also used NFC embedded posters, but with a different action. The campaign had posters placed in strategic, but highly visible, outdoor locations. When a phone was tapped on the poster, it brought up directions to the nearest KFC restaurant in Maps. A unique and effective way of increasing store footfall and revenue. 

3 Adidas - NFC Tags on shoes
Adidas use of NFC is even more creative. Their campaign consisted of NFC tags being attached to their trainers. When a customer tapped on the tag in store, it took them to a page where they could learn more about the product, and persuade them to make a purchase. The campaign was originally aimed at athletes, but proved so successful that was rolled out across the board.
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