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Why the A1 Club

Because it is the future of business cards and marketing!

Using NFC technology, The A1 Card can trigger a wide range of actions, when tapped against a smartphone.

The list of possibilities is endless. With our list of actions you can share whatever information you want to, through the A1 card.

No more messing around with paper business cards. Put all information right where people spend most of their time - their phone.

3 Simple Steps To Getting started

Actions with your card

With A1's extensive list of actions, You can programme your A1 Card to deliver whatever information you need to, in order to promote yourself, your brand or your business. You can also easily change your cards action in a second by accessing the A1 club Web App

Phone call

Use your card to instantly create a world wide phone call.

URL link

Tap your card on to someones phone and send them to any weblink.


Open up a key location on your users map to show where they are.


Create a form and save the information to your A1 account.


Instant launch of your most favourite apps LinkedIn, Instagram etc.


Unique landing page with our landing page builder to match your card.


Save your contact details to the contacts of a phone.


Save all your event details name, date and time to a users smartphone.


Create link trees that match your card and brand to send users to othe

Watch the A1 Card Work

Testimonials is the future of business and marketing. Just one card with all my details straight onto a clients phone. The future of business.

Ryan Hasiak

No longer do I have to worry about carrying multiple business cards around with me, just for a potential client to loose the card. All of my details go straight into their phone!

Sam Hanna

A1 card has completely changed the way I do business and connect with new clients. Everything is so easy now.

Flo Huber

Design your own card

Make A1 your own

Create your own style card to promote your personal brand. Chose from a wide range of colours and designs to reflect you.

The most effective business tool has just been transformed for the 21st century, so why not own it with your own brand colours and logo.

In can take just minutes to design, with our easy to use card creator. Why not give it a go?


Do I need more than one card?

No, you only need one card. You will be able to change the action of the card when you like to suit your environment or use case.

Can I track information of who I tap on my card

You can record how many taps and what time and date. Any other information you will wanna record you will need to use either a chatbot or a form action.

Which phones work with wireless tap?

98% of Android phones on the market have there NFC natively on. Also, iPhone X and model above have native NFC.
For Iphone X models and below will have to use the QR code on the back of your card.

Read more in this blog here.

How long will the card last?

There are no batterys needed.
An A1 card is made of the same material your bank cards are made from and will last for at least 4 years.

Online dashboard

Made to Last

Buy and go with ease

On the go actions

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